maandag 19 augustus 2013

Day 5. Walking with Lisa Callenbach

I didn't sleep too uncomfortable in the corn field although it was somewhat muddy. At 6.30 i was on the road again, drairy area, walked for a few hours. In Zaltbommel i had checked the internet and found what is called in dutch a "zorgboerderij", a farm that also functions as a place for people who need extra care. This care farm had living quarters for 4 boys, and facilities to organise activities for a bigger group of kids and young adults who needed special attention. There were volunteers and interns working with them in the perma culture garden and in and around the farm. There was a small shop, a big field with all sorts of buildings and shelters - a huge tipi, a yurt, some big tents - and a camp field. I arrived around 10, planning to celebrate Lisa's birthday by sitting still for a while, wander around the farm, catch up with my writing, eat some cake maybe, birthdaycake, but where? The moment i thought about the birthday cake a man turned up with cans of coffee. He was accompanied by some other people, all working there. They invited me for coffee and only a few minutes later a woman appeared with a beautiful home baked cake. It was made by a volunteer with the name Monique. I smiled and told them I was celebrating Lisa's birthday today and we all ate our cake, Lisa's birthday cake.
The rest of the day i did no writing, i walked around, talked with Rudi about vegetables and permaculture, with Bram about walking and life, answered all Kim's question about making art and earning money while wandering around, helped Petra preparing plums, as always these days the plums are everywhere. I walked to Vlijmen to drink a beer and on the way I sang a silent birthday song for Lisa. It was another good day.

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