woensdag 28 augustus 2013

Day 14. Walking with Lonnie Stegink

Studio Harcigny. We talked about the importance of teaching and learning. About Beuys. About Herzog. We waved out Lonnies brother. He had biked there from Eindhoven a few days earlier. Before he left he shared his new project with us. He had been planning to donate a piano to Frank and Lonnie's place. After our talks he had decided to bring it over on a hand-driven cart. Ask people to sign up to transport it for a few kilometres. Organise concerts on the way. Albert signed up. His fingers itching already.

Lonnie made juice out of the small yellow plums. We drank it while it was still warm.

We didn't walk. But our conversation went in all directions.

Albert brought me back on track. We explored the woods around Signy-l'Abbaye. We closed the day with Christian Bobin:

"Un grand musicien est quelqu'un qui donne apres plusieurs annees de travail ce que donne le rossignol au premier jet de son chant."

"A great musician is somebody who is able to produce after many years of hard work what the nightingale produces in the first notes of his song."

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